La prerogativa della donna γαλῆ (Semon. fr. 7, 54 W.2)

Anika Nicolosi


SVMMARIVM – Ad Semon. fr. 7, 54 W.2 παρεόντα (Renner) legendum est, coll. Theogn. vv.
1267-1270 et vv. 1367s. Addi etiam debet Hom. Od. XV 74, exemplum duobus poetis.


ABSTRACT – In Semon. fr. 7, 54 W.2 we can read παρεόντα (Renner), coll. Theogn. vv. 1267-
1270 and vv. 1367s. We can add Hom. Od. XV 74, the model of both poets.

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