Infl uenza, ricezione e fortuna delle decorazioni dalla Villa di Cicerone a Pompei

Rosaria Ciardello


Words: Starting from an analysis of the cultural climate of the century of the Enlightenment, the article proposes to illustrate the impact of
the discovery of Vesuvian antiquities in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. Th e author examines the communication of discoveries, the
exceptional infl uence and dissemination of Herculanean and Pompeian decor, particularly that of the Villa of Cicero. In every domain –
architecture, painting, furniture decoration, ceramics, lifestyles, etc. –, especially in Germany, France, Spain, England, Russia, Poland, Sweden,
Estonia and Italy, artists, scholars, collectors and travelers contributed to promoting the discoveries made at Pompeii and Herculaneum. Th is
resulted in the creation of true masterpieces bringing these extraordinary archaeological fi nds back to life in a new and diff erent form.
Abstract: Pompeji, Herculaneum, neoclassicism, reception of antiquities, Bourbon, Winckelmann, Cicero

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